The main products and services

  • Laboratory Services (testing and sampling)
    Performing of chemical, physico-chemical, microbiological, biological and ecotoxicity testing and sampling of foodstuff, foods, beverages, and their individual components; biologic materials; drinkable, mineral, healing, waste, underground, surface, irrigation, industrial waters and bathing water; fodders, and their individual components; pharmaceutical raw materials, drugs and auxiliary materials; chemicals; cosmetic articles; industrial products and toys; fertilizers, soil auxiliary materials and cultivating substrates; wastes and leaches; soils, geological materials; packaging; articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs and tests for health and hygienic centres. Sampling and transport of samples under controlled conditions to the testing laboratories.
  • Complex Environmental Services
    Environmental studies of the specific part of the environment, e.g. lake, river, urban area, landfill site, forest area, contaminated roadside, etc.
    Information, counselling and consulting services
  • Technological Services
    HACCP for foodstuffs producers, technological procedures of sludge utilization for waste water purifying plants.
    Information, counselling and consulting services
  • Certification of the Quality Management Systems (QMS) the Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Security Arrangements

The laboratory has documented its own policy, system, procedures and arrangements to ensure:

  • that its management and personnel are free from any undue internal and external commercial, financial and other pressures and influences, that may adversely affect the quality of their work
  • the protection of its customers´ confidential information and proprietary rights, including procedures for protecting the electronic storage and transmission of results
  • to avoids involvement in any activities that would diminish confidence in its competence, impartiality, judgement or operational integrity.

EL spol. s r.o. undertakes to use the test results only for the purposes agreed hereof and not to reveal them to the third parties.

EL spol. s r.o. undertakes to hold the information collected in performance of this contract in confidence.

The Quality Manual includes or makes reference to the all mentioned procedures