• EL spol. s r.o. is by SNAS ACCREDITED LABORATORY FIRM (The Slovak National Accreditation Service). The first accreditation was achieved in 1996 for testing and sampling. Certificate of Accreditation No. S-025 - ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
    SLOVAK NATIONAL ACCREDITATION SERVICE – SNAS is signatory of the EA MLA and ILAC MRA. Analytical results of EL spol. s r.o. is nationwide recognized.
  • EL spol. s r.o. also achieved SNAS GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICE (GLP) certificate, the first one in 1995. Assessment of conformity with GLP according to Law No.163/2001 Coll. and to Commission Directive 2004/10/EC, of the European Parliament and of the Council (Statement of GLP Compliance No. G-017).
  • EL spol. s r.o. has Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Analytical activities related with batch release on the area EU/EEA (STATE INSTITUTE FOR DRUG CONTROL – SLOVAKIA, Certificate No.: SK/027V/2015).
  • EL spol. s r.o. has APPROVING DECREE for:
    • pharmaceutical testing of medicines, medical substances, pharmaceutical products and adjuvans for human use and glass
       packages for pharmaceutical use related with control and batch release on the area EU/EEA
    • reagent solution, volumetric and buffer solutions preparation and verification
    • Aqua purificata testing
    • Testing of infusion and dialysis and water for their dilution
  • The Central Controlling and Testing Institute in agriculture in Bratislava (UKSUP) approved AUTHORIZATION of EL spol. s r.o. for laboratory testing of fertilizers.

EL spol. s r.o. regularly participates in inter - laboratory proficiency tests organised by different foreign institutions and of Slovak Republic to improve quality of our laboratory services, e.g.:

  • WEPAL (The Netherlands) - analysis of soils and plants
  • AMOS, BAM (Germany) – analysis of soils
  • FAPAS& FEPAS (UK) – analysis of biological materials, foodstuffs and feedstuffs
  • AQUACON (EU-Phare) – analysis of water, soils and biological materials
  • IMEP (Belgium) – analysis of biological materials, industrial products, soils, sewage sludge
  • IAEA (Austria, Monaco) – biological materials, soils, sediments
  • CEN/TCU PRAQIII ( Poland + UK) – sewage sludge, water, biological materials
  • UKZUZ (Czech Republic) – analysis of feedstuffs, plants
  • ASLAB (Czech Republic) – analysis of waters, sewage sludge, sediments
  • APLAC (China, Taiwan) - analysis of foodstuffs
  • NEOGEN (Michigan, USA ) - analysis of mycotoxines
  • SMU (Slovakia) – analysis of fertilizers
  • VUVH (Slovakia) - analysis of waters, sewage sludge, sediments